O.A.R. Tour Week 3-4…


Weeks 3-4 just wrapped up….the weather has been STUPID hot but the shows are only getting better! Making friends with the guys in SOJA as well as Kelly James and his trio. We’ve all been having a blast kickin’ it before and after the shows.

The rest of the shows we played in the Carolinas went real well. South Carolina was one of my favorite of the tour! The crowd was ridiculous and the tennis court venue was sick! Sloss Furnaces in Alabama was really cool too….aside from the haunted old steel mill, the crowd was great and the energy was insane!

After Bama we shot up north for shows in Pittsburgh, Cincy, and Indianapolis. All of those shows went real well. The Indianapolis crowd got a little rowdy but it chilled out as the night went on. Thanks to the group of friends there that were promoting “Pray for Jay.” I’m definitely still praying for him!

Another one of the coolest tour spots we’ve had so far was, surprisingly, Iowa. On the two days off, we were able to meet some incredible people who showed us a great time. The show there last night was nuts! Soja’s horn players sat in with us on a couple of songs, a random fan got to play guitar wish us on “Hey Girl,” and Kelley James destroyed a freestyle to close the show during “Night Shift!”

Looking forward to the next couple of weeks. I’ve never been to Colorado and this weekend we get to play Red Rocks, probably one of the coolest venues in the country. Also, next friday we’re playing in Cleveland, which is about as close to home as it gets for me. Looking forward to performing for a hometown crowd!

Special shout out to my good friend Dan White on his album “Between the Lines” that will be coming out August 16th….I’ve heard most of the tracks on it already….it will be KILLIN!!! Check him out at http://www.danwhitejazz.com.

I’ll leave you all with some pics from the road. BTW if your not hip to SOJA or Kelly James, you need to check them out…..Both are ridiculous and you should definitely check them out!

God Bless!!


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2 Responses to “O.A.R. Tour Week 3-4…”

  1. Rnee Kaufman Says:

    Hey Jon,
    This is soooo cool!
    Really, really, really miss you at camp this summer!

  2. Jon,
    I was at the Charleston, SC show. You all were sick! Horns sound great with the band. Best O.A.R. show I’ve seen in the past 4 years.

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