O.A.R. Summer Tour: Year 2, Week 5…

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Hey Everyone :),

Sorry for the delay! I’ve been trying to relax a little bit between the end of the summer tour and classes but now things are busy again so i figured I’d get back to posting.

The last week of the summer tour with OAR was a great one for sure! We had a run of 5 shows that started out in Charlotte and Raleigh North Carolina. The food in NC is absolutely amazing!!! The people were great too!! After those shows we played at Jones Beach in Long Island, NY (definitely one of the coolest venues I’ve ever been to).

After New York we played the band’s hometown venue, Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia Maryland. Besides Red Rocks it was definitely my second favorite show of the tour. The energy from the crowd was unreal we were feeding off of that energy all night! The last show of the tour for us was at the Peach Music Festival that’s put on by the Allman Brothers Band. It was really cool to play there and see Derek Trucks hanging out backstage afterwards. Definitely one of the best guitarists of all time!

After another awesome summer, I’m back in Columbus for my last year at Ohio State in the music program. Be on the lookout for me to be performing with the Dan White Sextet, the EOP, and also with OAR here and there. What I’m most excited about is my first album, called ‘Fight The Team,’ which will be released on September 22nd. The album is a creative tribute to university that I’ve loved since I was born and that I’ve been at for the past 4 years of my life. My next post will go into some more detail about the album so stay tuned!!


I’ll leave you all with the world premier of a new song from O.A.R. called ‘Inside Out’ that we did at the Merriweather show! Thanks a lot and God Bless!!




O.A.R. Summer Tour: Year 2, Week 4…

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Hey Everyone 🙂

Week four of the summer tour has come and gone! Crazy to think that there’s only a little over a week left! It’s definitely been a great summer.

We started out the week with a couple days off in Weehawken, NJ (right across the river from Manhattan). Those days consisted of a lot of sleep, practice, and hangin out in the city with some good friends! After the break, the tour picked back up in Lewiston, NY. The crowd at ArtPark was great!!

After Art Park, we played at the beautiful ComCast venue in Hartford, CT. After Hartford we headed to Boston for one of the craziest nights of the tour for sure. Before the show started, I had one of Boston’s famous Lobster Rolls for lunch. If you’ve never had one, you have to try it!! Unreal!!! The Boston crowd was huge and they kept the energy going all night! It was definitely one of the most fun set lists that we’ve played all tour as well 🙂

I’ve been pretty busy the past week trying to work out details for the album project as well! Be on the lookout for some promotional stuff to be coming out soon!! Thanks for keeping up with the blog! I’ll leave you all with an artist who I’ve been really getting into lately…if your not hip definitely get hip to Allen Stone!! His album just dropped!

God Bless!



O.A.R. Summer Tour: Year 2, Week 3…

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Hello Everyone,

Week three of the OAR summer tour just wrapped up. I can say that this has definitely been my favorite week of the tour so far!

We started out the week with a couple days off in Columbus Ohio, where I spent time doing some work with the other musical projects I’m a part of. The EOP recorded two videos at a great spot called Gallery 83 in the Short North area of Columbus, and then the next day me and Dan White shot a promotional video for my upcoming album release ‘Fight The Team.’ That video will be out in a couple of weeks so be on the lookout for it!!

The Columbus show on Wednesday was awesome. It was great to have a lot of college friends out in the crowd! The next night we played in Cleveland, which is a hometown show for me. It’s always amazing to get to play on a big stage like that knowing that your parents are in the crowd. They came along with a ton of family and friends, so for me that was definitely one of the most fun nights of the tour.

Pittsburgh the next night was absolutely wild!! A little over halfway through the show, the skies opened up and it rained like crazy! The awesome part was that nobody in the crowd left! Everyone just got more and more into the show. Thanks to Pittsburgh for beings hands-down the BEST crowd of the tour so far!! I will never forget that night!! After Pittsburgh, we played at SPAC (Saratoga Performing Arts Center) in Saratoga Springs, NY. The turnout was great and the show went really well. This was also a fun week because I got to bust out the sousaphone a couple of times on stage.

After two weeks of non stop going, I’m really glad we have a couple of days off here in Weehawken, NJ. Pretty excited to do a lot of sleeping before out next run of shows that starts Wednesday in Buffalo, NY.

Thanks again for checking out the blog!! I’ll leave you with some fan footage from the Pittsburgh show! God Bless!!


PS: If you are a Project Runway fan, my cousin Nathan Paul is one of the contestants this season! You can check out more on that as well as vote for him to become this seasons ‘Fan Favorite’ Here!

O.A.R. Summer Tour: Year 2, Week 2…

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Hello from the Road!

So the second week of the tour has been great! After a couple great days off in Denver, we headed to St. Louis, to play the gorgeous Fox Theater. This was definitely one of the coolest venues I’d ever seen. Lot’s of history in that building! The night before that show I played at Robbie’s House of Jazz with the Dan White Sextet, which went really well. St Louis people, be on the look out for the DW6 to be back on a weekend sometime in the next year!

After that show, we played the next night at Charter One Pavilion in Chicago. This one of the wildest crowds of the tour for sure. At one point, I got hit with a shoe on stage haha. It was a great show though and the energy was awesome all night! I also got to see a good friend from High School that I hadn’t seen in a really long time, which is always great. Nice to reflect on the good old days every once in a while.

The next night we played Rochester, Michigan. Despite the abundance of U of M fans in the crowd (boooo) it was a great audience and another awesome show. The highlight of the night for me was the Death of the Facemelter aka Jimmy Madigan (our awesome guitar tech.) Tonight we play in Grand Rapids and then we have a couple of days off in Columbus, OH.

I’ll leave you all with the most epic display of face melting the world has ever seen!! Also, stay posted on my CD, ‘Fight The Team’ that will be coming out in September. I’ll be filming a promotional video for the album that will be out soon!

RIP Facemelter…

God Bless!




O.A.R. Summer Tour: Year 2, Week 1…

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Hello All,

Hope everyone is having an awesome summer despite of this crazy heat!! This past week was the first week of my second summer tour with the band Of A Revolution. I’m extremely excited to be back out on the road with these guys along with my good friend and amazing trombonist Evan Oberla.

The first show we had was at SummerFest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is the largest music festival in the world! We headlined on Friday night and the crowd was absolutely insane!! It was also cool to check out some of the other bands during the day. I got to see Atmosphere live for the first time there and those guys absolutely smashed!!

The next night we played the Basilica Block Party in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The venue was a huge stage set up just off to the side from a beautiful  church. The place was absolutely packed. I still can’t believe how many people we are playing for almost every single night!!

After Minnesota, I had some days of in Indianapolis. The days off were spent running, practicing, and getting to know some great people/spots in the city. Thursday night we played a show at the Lawn at White River State Park, which is absolutely gorgeous. This was the first show of our official Summer Crush Tour and it was a blast. The next two nights we played in Cincinnati and St. Louis. Both great shows!!

Sunday night was an incredibly special night for the whole band. We played at Red Rocks Amphitheater (My 2nd time playing there with OAR) which is by far one of the most amazing venues int the world. The show was broadcast live on national television and will also be released later as a live DVD. There are no words to describe the night…crowd full of 10,000 people…incredible musical energy all night long….it was absolutely the best night of my life. If you haven’t been to Red Rocks you have to make it out there at some point…it’s absolutely amazing.

I will have some more pictures in the next post but for now I’ll leave you with a song written by Stevie Wonder but made famous by Michael Jackson that me and Dan played at the CW TV Studio in Columbus. Stay post for updates on my debut album ‘Fight The Team! ‘ Thanks for checkin out the blog!!

God Bless!



Debut Album ‘Fight The Team’/ OAR Summer Tour: Year 2…

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Whatsup Everyone! Happy 4th Of July!!

The past month as been really crazy, but definitely the good time of crazy. I’m about 2 months away from the release of my first album, ‘FIght The Team.’ Theres still a lot to be done until the final product, but the process is going much better than I could’ve imagined!

I’ve been a huge Ohio State fan ever since birth. It was the only college I ever wanted to go to and my time at the school has been the best 4 years of my life. I felt like it made a lot of sense for the first album that I’d do would be a tribute to the institution thats been inspiring me for all these years. The CD has all original arrangements of the classic OSU school songs that are traditionally played by the Marching Band. All of these arrangements were written by Myself and good friend/amazing musician Dan White. I play trumpet and sousaphone as well as sing one of the songs, Dan plays all saxophones as well as flute and clarinet, and Chris Ott plays trombone as well as beatboxes on one of the tracks. The styles of the arrangements vary from dixieland to dub step. I think that there’s something on it for everyone to enjoy and i know for a fact that it’s definitely a different sound than people are used to hearing.

All of the music is recorded and mixed and will be getting mastered this week. It’s been a lot of work to get everything done up to this point and I”m still working on a bunch of stuff (Album Design, Promotion, licensing, etc.) but I’m extremely excited about how everything is coming out. Be on the lookout for promo video with a sneak peak at some of the music coming towards the end of July/early August!

I’m also ridiculously excited about heading out for my second summer tour with the platinum selling band and awesome group of guys, O.A.R. Our first date of the summer tour is this Friday at SummerFest in Milwaukee. The atmosphere there last year was insane so I can’t wait to play there again! We will be bouncing all over the country until mid August and all the dates are up on the bands website. I’ll be blogging about the tour every week so stay posted!!

Thanks so much for continuing to follow this blog! If you want to stay posted on all musical happenings, you can Like Me On FacebookFollow Me On Twitter, and you can Like The Dan White Sextet On Facebook!! Also, be one the lookout for my new website coming this summer!!! I’ll leave you with one of my favorite versions of an American Classic from the incredible Ray Charles.

God Bless!!




New Music/’Fight The Team’ Album Project…

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Hello All!

    So the school year is finally coming to a close. It’s been an awesome year of music for me. Particularly with the Dan White Sextet. People are really diggin the New York Sessions project are getting (thank you for checkin them out!) and we’ve also been playing a ton of shows here and Ohio and elsewhere. Dan just wrote a new song and we did it for the first time this past weekend. This was my vocal debut with this group so it was pretty exciting. Here’s the version from our Saturday show at the Short North Stage

     Also, me and Dan are finishing up the arranging for my new album project ‘Fight The Team.’ Basically, me and Dan are going to be recording a CD of our arrangements of Ohio State School Songs for Sousaphone and Saxaphone. There May or May Not be a hint of beat boxing form our good friend and member of the DW6, Chris Ott 😉 We are all really looking forward to the project which we start recording next week!

Thanks again for Checking out the blog and God Bless!! 


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